novel breakthrough technology



breakthrough technology

FEMILEDS is the world’s most advanced 360 ° irradiation devise, thanks to a tight mesh of 5 rows of LEDs (228 in all) of 3 colors (blue, red, infrared) on an octagonal support, with more LED at the end of the transducer for irradiation of the cervix wall.

DeviceProbe covered with a sterile tube for single use, consisting of red, blue and infrared LED’s + control box
ProcedurePulsed, continuous, preselected programs
Number of LED’s228
3 Active ColorsBLUE [460 nm]
RED [645 nm]
ProtocolsRecorded on touch pad (included)
CertificationCE, ISO 13485

Made in France – 2 Years Guarantee

Working Principle

  • LEDs are recognized in the medical world to be the best natural technology to induce structural changes in the skin, and therefore the mucous membranes and reverse the effects of skin aging
  • By action on the mitochondria, a real metabolic plant, the LEDS create a new angiogenesis at the level of the cells of the wall of the vagin
  • Photomodulation stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen inducing an improvement in tone, vaginal wall thickness and elasticity
  • Chain reaction: Restructuring, rehydration, oxygenation and the process of pain inhibition
  • Revitalization of the vaginal mucosa induces normalisation of pH and vaginal flora


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