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Medical CE 0476 certification
Aestheticon Slim is one of the few cavitation machines with medical CE 0476 certificate. It is ideal for medical treatments of pathologies such as localized lipodystrophies and the fat deposits.

Double Hand piece
Aestheticon Slim is one of the few cavitation devices supplied with two hand pieces having different features for use. The collimated hand piece acts in depth over body areas with high lipid layers (buttocks, thighs, etc); the focused hand piece instead, acts over surface area but using a higher energy density and it's ideal for treating in complete safety the areas of low lipid layers (abdomen, groin, etc.) in harmony with internal organs of the body.

Touch Win 10” CE
Aestheticon Slim uses a complete & user-friendly software, displayed on a 10" touch screen device thanks to its Windows CE OS, you can select among the numerous available functions, such as the treatment area, type and intensity.

APC (Auto Phase Calibration)
The automatic self-calibration system of the phase, allows to tune the frequency based on working conditions and lifetime status of the hand piece, ensuring its maximum performance and efficiency during all time.

Pay per use
Aestheticon Slim treatments can be acquired on a consume-based business.

Special Coating
It is a special hard-Teflon treatment, which completely eliminates all risks from aluminum ion spread by the HP's.

Vacuum HP (optional)
The VACUUM HP is an optional accessory which allows body drain and remodeling, mandatory actions to be taken after a cavitation treatment; with the same HP it is possible to follow also endodermic massage treatments.

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